Andrew Harrison – Prison and the resurrection – Heb 12

Heb 12 – Thoughts about our hope in Christ

v1 – 7  – Marvellous truths that we should meditate on.

Christ’s death and resurrection

Reflect on these aspects in Acts – This theme of death and resurrection.

Acts 1

Peter is transformed – the work of Peter and other Apostles is described in the first half of Acts.

Look at the pattern of life and death and the 3 examples of being in prison. There are different words to describe a prison in Acts – Almost showing various aspects of being in prison, under the power of sin.

Note the example in Acts 5 – The angel opens the prison – this is the same phrase as Christ’s resurrection. It happens at night which is symbolic.

Acts 12

Here we see it is Peter.

Prayer was made for him. It was required to release Peter from jail.

v6 sleeping between two soldiers – echos of Christ on the cross.

Then, the angel of the lord appears to free Peter.

Gird yourself! – Resurrection of the C of I leaving Egypt. Coming from darkness to light. Follow me! – like the C of I being lead out of Egypt.

In the second part of Acts, we have accounts of Paul being set free.

Acts 16

v20 – 28

“we are all here’

“what must I do to be saved” – this what it’s all about and he asks what he should do. He is witnessing what has happened. He can save all his house and we think of the patterns in Rahab etc.

Pick up the stripes idea. Washed their stripes and was baptised. Set a meal before them and rejoiced, him and all his house.

This passage picks up the witnessing and the understanding of the resurrection